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Big Red #7

Big Red  #7
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/ 750ml
A.B.V: 13.5%
R.S.: <5.6 g/L
T.A.: 5.69 g/L
BLEND: 39% 2021 Cabernet Franc (fresh)
29% 2019 Cabernet Franc (appassimento)
27% 2019 Cabernet Sauvignon (fresh)
4% 2019 Petit Verdot (fresh)
1% 2019 Merlot (appassimento)
FERMENTATION: Carbonic/Ambient
SERVE: 16-18°C
WINEMAKER’S NOTES: We blended the riper 2019 vintage with the tighter 2021. The fruit was quite ripe and healthy in 2019. All varieties were made using carbonic fermentation. ‘19s spent 26 months in 225L older French oak and 225L new Moldovan barrels. The 2019 wine was quite firm and needed time so we blended 2021 in with it to spread it out and make it more approachable. The 2021 wines were also made using carbonic fermentation, but larger 2000L and 4000L older wood vats used. The wines were blended at the beginning of 2022.
SOMMELIER’S NOTES: This might be my favourite example of the Big Head Red. We are now allowed to blend across vintages in a larger volume, giving us freedom to maintain a flavour profile year-to-year. The nose is fragrant, red berry fruit dominant, with herbal, smoky and toasted wood tones. There is so much going on already. The palate is dry with a fresh and ripe “juicy” quality. I am enjoying this very much. Have with anything that gives you comfort, but tomato and carb-based dishes are dancing in my head. Feb. 24, 2022 J.L.
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