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2019 RAW Merlot

2019 RAW Merlot
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/ 750ml
SKU: RWMT17750
A.B.V: 15.5%
R.S.: <3 g/L
T.A.: 5.3 g/L
HARVEST October 18th, 2019
FERMENTATION Ambientfor4months
WINEMAKER’S NOTES We fan dried the grapes for two weeks. The fruit was clean but since it’s our first RAW Merlot we used two sorting tables when processing so we could choose the best berries for this wine. After being sorted into a stainless tank it stayed on skins for 20 days with twice a day pump-overs. The juice stayed in the tank for the first two months of fermentation and then we free ran it into 4,500L clay vessels where it finished fermenting after an addi- tional 2 months. We let it age in the clay pots for 8 months and then racked back into the stainless tank and cold stabilized the wine for 2 weeks before bottling it unfiltered.
SOMMELIER’S NOTES The nose is complex and deep, requiring reflection. Ripe and dusty black and red berry fruit, plum, vanilla, and cardamom, surprising since zero oak touched this wine at any point. The only wood was the cork used to seal the bottle, which arguably contributes some character. There is also a gaminess that develops as the wine breathes. In the mouth, the tannins grip tight, and persist. The wine is dry, yet ripe, and the elevated alcohol sweetens the finish. Decant this wine for several hours and enjoy in larger glasses. As with all of our Merlots, I would recommend aging. JL – Feb. 9th, 2021
Spec Sheet: Download PDF