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2020 Rosé

2020 Rosé
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/ 750ml
SKU: ROS20750
A.B.V. 10 %
R.S. 2 g/L
T.A.  4.8 g/L

Blend Breakdown: 90% 2020 Malbec (ARF vineyards) and 10% 2019 Big Head White
Harvest: Malbec 2020-10-23
Fermentation: Ambient
Estimated Peak: 2022
Ideal Temp: 10-13°C
Winemaker’s Notes
The Malbec was fermented fresh using whole cluster techniques in a stainless-steel tank and then pressed into one of our 2000L concrete diamonds. Alcohol fermentation only took 1 month and then we moved the wine into 1500L and 500L clay with lees where it stayed for 5 months. After the 5 months we blended 10% of our 2019 White and then cold stabilized before bottling.
Sommelier’s Notes
This is the easiest drinking Rosé we’ve made to date. The alcohol is not perceivable, and the fresh rhubarb, strawberry and orange peel aromas also carry in the mouth. The wine is dry, light, and pleasant. This will be perfect for the summer and enjoying near bodies of water, including pools, or awaiting barbecued anything. The lower acidity and alcohol also suggest earlier drinking so 1-2 years is the most I would hold on.

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